Options & Pricing

Create a large or small exclusive Glass Gallery artwork either from your very own image or recreate a masterpiece replication of modern art, or a contemporary piece. even a classic art work of a Monet or Van Gogh. The Glass Gallery can create a wall art piece for any room and even for the outside Garden.

Glass Artwork option

Glass with polished edges is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and all glass is toughened for safety. Having your image printed onto the back of the glass brings the enhancement of colour and image to life as well as being very easy to clean and to take care of. 

Clear Perspex Artwork option

 As with glass having your image printed onto the back of the perspex brings the enhancement of colour and image to life. Perspex is lighter in weight and suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, however, it is not suitable for splash backs near heat, where we recommend glass to be used.

Pricing for Glass                                                             Pricing for Perspex

150mm  x  120mm      $29.20                                             150mm  x  120mm    $14.53

 240mm  x  180mm    $58.00                                            240mm  x  180mm    $34.87

 420mm  x  300mm    $144.16                                           420mm  x  300mm    $101.70

 510mm  x  510mm     $240.90                                          510mm  x  510mm     $186.64

 800mm  x  400mm    $268.00                                         800mm  x  400mm   $229.64

 600mm  x  750mm    $329.00                                          600mm  x  750mm    $290.60

1020mm  x  510mm    $350.00                                          1020mm  x  510mm    $316.40

 900mm  x  750mm    $398.00                                          900mm  x  750mm    $386.00

1500mm  x  750mm    $622.00                                          1500mm  x  750mm    $605.49

Pricing does not include courier or image alteration.

The Glass Gallery pricing begins from $14.53 (including GST) for a smaller piece that can be placed on a display stand, and perfect near your work space, computer, or in a special place in your home, or can be sent as a gift.

For a Larger size than above, Please inquire on our contact form for pricing.

Pricing for all artwork will include, GST, Printing, Glass or Perspex material option.

The smaller artworks can be placed on a display stand or we could place Vinyl Bumpers on the under surface so that your art work could be used as a coaster etc.. or have a special coaster with a photo of your pet under the drinking and eating bowls. 

For larger artworks (depending on size and weight) included are either The Glass Gallery frame less wall mounting brackets (Z clips not visible) or spring loaded clips and mounting instructions, or picture hanging wire where all that is needed is a picture hook.