Products and Gallery

The Glass Gallery creates contemporary and classic frame-less glass artworks for a truly unique artwork to become the centre of attention in any room or space, inside or outside, including for home and office staging for sale or promotion. The Glass Gallery can print your pictures directly on Glass.  Frame-less Artwork brings your interior design to a whole new level of creativity.

Glass Gallery artworks are a fantastic way to lift and transform a look in your home or office. The beauty and diversity that glass artwork can bring into a space is truly amazing.  

Mounting options

Glass Gallery Examples:

Wall art    |   Free standing art placed on a photo frame   |   Portraits   |   Front entrance feature   |   Glass doors and partitions   |   Balustrade glass   |   Shower screens   |   Wedding photos   |   Tabletop covers   |   Garden art work   |   Pet coasters.....

Supply your very own images or supply an image you have either purchased or downloaded. When looking at images on line wrequire the image to be in high resolution (larger size) at 300DPI (dots per inch), This would be standard from a professional photographer, and sent as a JPG file, or on a Memory Stick or sent via Drop Box.